Bobbi Brown Skincare Review 🧐

Hey guys!

My typical skincare products that I use on a daily basis consist of Khiels, Khiels and… Khiels. However, I really wanted to branch out and went for a more high-end brand… Bobbi Brown! I’ve never bought any of their make-up before, purely because it’s rather expensive (especially for a student bound to student debt for life) but my boyfriend treated me to some products for Christmas. So, as I’ve been using these two products for a couple of months, I thought I would write a review about them!


Product 1 – Extra Face Oil 


I had been looking for an oil skin product for under my make-up just because of how dry my skin can sometimes get, but I didn’t know how oily it would actually make my make-up look. On the Bobbi Brown website it says that this product was suitable for extra dry to normal skin types, so I hoped for the best. However, it is literally the most perfect face oil I could have been given… not only is it not oily on the skin, it actually sits beautifully under my make-up. Of course, I don’t wear this everyday just because it is HELLA EXPENSIVE, but when I do my make-up has the average longevity it usually does as well as giving a nice glow to the skin. Apart from being worn under make-up, I also really enjoy using this by itself as a daily moisturiser. Again, just on the skin it gives a really lovely glow to the skin without actually looking ‘oily’.

HOWEVER, I actually really dislike the packaging for this product. I feel that for a really liquid product the best dispenser option would have actually been a dropper. Instead, it’s just a hole at the top of the bottle which can get a really messy, especially when traveling. I find that I need to put it into a plastic bag to avoid mass spillage.


Product 2 – Extra Repair Nourishing Milk 


So the first thing that I like about this product is the fact that it has a dropper… so darn satisfying. Secondly, I really like how this feels on the skin. It’s not actually as moisturising as the oil, although advertised to be for the same skin types (extra dry to normal), but it also has a thinner consistency than cream moisturisers, so it isn’t too thick on the skin for the daytime. However, it can be a little sticky, but it’s not that noticeable nor is it uncomfortable. It is said to be a morning and night time moisturiser, but I prefer using something a little more moisturising overnight so it’s something I’m more likely to use in the day.

The only issue that I have with the packaging on this product is that the lid of the bottle can get a little clogged with moisturiser when it gets trapped and dries, but that isn’t unlike using concealers and can just be wiped away (I typically just use an earbud).

There is one thing I absolutely adore about both of these products and that is the smell. They have a very light lavender-ish scent to them and it’s honestly the most comforting smell any of my skin products have… honestly reminds me of my grandparents. And the best part is that the scent isn’t overpowering so it won’t destroy your nostrils.


Would I recommend these products to anyone? Yeah I would! Do they cost an arm and a leg? Apparently so! But, the biggest question of them all, is it worth the money? If I were going to repurchase these two products I think I would be more likely to buy the oil again, just because it works to much better for my dry skin than the dropper moisturiser and it looks lovely under make-up. I’d be even more likely to purchase if they changed the darn packaging! However, I do feel that there are just as good products out there that do the same job, if not better, so if you are on a budget it might be better to look elsewhere.


Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for my next post!

(P.S. Just a quick disclaimer that my skin type ranges from dry to combination, but usually dry, so if these products work for me they may not work for people with a different skin type).

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