Painting The Town Red (or Mauve) ๐Ÿ’‹

From left to right (natural light): Smashbox, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury

Hey guys!

One of my favourite make-up products has to be lipsticks. Like come on, who doesn’t love a good lipstick? These three lipsticks just so happen to be my favourite mauve-nude-red(ish) kinda lipsticks right now. I use these on a daily basis. Regardless of what I’m doing I WILL wear metallic lipstick… even if it’s just to go food shopping.

1. Smashbox –ย Metallic Matte, Rust Fund


I’ve only more recently picked this lipstick up, but it has instantly become one of my favourites. When I have used matte liquid lipsticks in the past they seriously dry my lips out, but this formula seems to be a little less drying. I can comfortably wear this for a few hours and not notice that I had anything on my lips.

Before I purchased this product I had never worn metallic lipstick before and was surprised to find that, although very shiny, I couldn’t feel any glitter in the product. Also, probably one of the most important aspects when it comes to liquid, is that this product is 100% transfer proof! Much to my boyfriend’s delight, he can kiss me without looking like a clown (lol).

I only have two small issues with this product, the first being that it only reached full pigmentation after 2 layers. My other issue that I have with this product is that when I want to add another layer it can become a little patchy, as you can see lightly on the top lip in the second photo. It’s not that noticeable normally but just something to consider.

2. Nars – Velvet Lip Glide, Bound


It has been advertised as a ‘velvet’ lipstick, and when I think velvet I assume it’s going to be something not far off being matte. But this is not this case with this lipstick. ย I found that it takes ages for it to dry down properly and even then it is still more of a gloss/satin lipstick finish. I’m fine with this, but if you’re looking for an actual velvet finish you’ll probably be a little disappointed.ย However, it is still a pretty lipstick regardless of the formula.

This lipstick definitely gives a more natural finish than the other two lipsticks, which I actually adore. This colour is definitely a more ‘my lips but better’ colour, perfect for the days you want to have a more natural make-up look but still want to apply a little lipstick. However, if you purchase this, bear in mind that this doesn’t have the longest wear throughout the day…

3. Charlotte Tilbury – Matte, Bond Girl


This is definitely my favourite lipstick out of the three, maybe even EVER! As much as I love my MAC lipsticks (and I seriously love them to bits), I much prefer the formula to the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. When I initially used this product, I was underwhelmed by the pigmentation, but after two layers it is at its full pigmentation, as well as being able to layer without becoming flaky, which I find is quite common with matte lipsticks.

I think my favourite aspect of this lipstick is that even though it is a matte formula, it is quite creamy when you initially apply it to the lips. I also don’t find that it dries my lips out at all! Of course, the only problem with this not being 100% matte is that it isn’t transfer proof, but that’s something I can live with when the colour and formula are this GORGEOUS.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for my next post!ย 

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