Gwynne Speed – Rally Driving Experience

Hey guys! Long time no post! I have finally finished university (HOORAY!), so I'm looking to putting a little more time into blogging. As my first blog back, I thought I would share my experience of rally driving in Gloucester (UK), done through Virgin Experiences. My boyfriend bought me a rally driving experience about a... Continue Reading →

BiorΓ© Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Hey guys! I'm going to be giving a review on come clay masks in an upcoming post, which I am obsessed with, but sometimes I feel like I need something a little stronger, especially when it comes to the larger pores around my nose area. There has been a massive trend in nose charcoal strips... Continue Reading →

Bobbi Brown Skincare Review πŸ§

Hey guys! My typical skincare products that I use on a daily basis consist of Khiels, Khiels and... Khiels. However, I really wanted to branch out and went for a more high-end brand... Bobbi Brown! I've never bought any of their make-up before, purely because it's rather expensive (especially for a student bound to student... Continue Reading →

Painting The Town Red (or Mauve) πŸ’‹

Hey guys! One of my favourite make-up products has to be lipsticks. Like come on, who doesn't love a good lipstick? These three lipsticks just so happen to be my favourite mauve-nude-red(ish) kinda lipsticks right now. I use these on a daily basis. Regardless of what I'm doing I WILL wear metallic lipstick... even if... Continue Reading →

Social Media Links Update!πŸ“±

Hey guys! Just wanted to write quick post about my new social media links... I have just added on my first two social media links. The first is my Pinterest page, with the username 'gsonfleek'. Go ahead and check it out! My Pinterest account includes various pictures that I have been inspired by and decided... Continue Reading →

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